Exclusive outdoor interactive kiosks in Druskininkai, Varėna and Lazdijai Lithuanian municipalities

  ALTUM RETAIL specialists have designed, manufactured and installed exclusive outdoor interactive stands. The stands can operate outdoors and in winter. They feature a touch screen, a mobile internet, speakers, a microphone, and a keyboard for the blind people. Our specialists have also developed a full interactive content program. We also physically installed and arranged all the permits with municipalities and electricity suppliers.



Visitors can:

  • find routes and save them
  • see 3 municipalities in one place
  • integrated map and object search
  • see the most visited objects with the information about each
  • you can turn and talk to the tourist center
  • Integrated 4 languages and translations

It was really complicated project which lasted for more than 6 months, where ALTUM RETAIL did all the work. Designed, manufactured, created and programmed content, translated into languages and physically installed. 9 outdoor interactive stands were installed.


Lazdijai District Municipality Administration – https://www.lazdijai.lt/

Druskininkai Municipality Administration – https://www.druskininkai.lt/

Varėna District Municipality Administration – http://varena.lt/