Scent marketing


We are the official ScentAir distributor in Lithuania and we offer professional scent systems for your business.

What are the ScentAir scent systems?

– Professional scent systems are created for such business environments as shops, hotels, supermarkets, health facilities, offices, beauty salons, business centers, gas stations, etc.
– ScentAir has been active for over 10 years and they create more than three billion positive emotions to their customers each year.
– ScentAir has the best recognition in scent marketing in the world! Their scent systems are known by 106 countries around the world. Over 50,000 systems have successfully been installed for world-class clients such as:

– The highest quality technological materials, a 1,500 scent palette, 3 year warranty – we assure you that ScentAir is exactly what your business needs.

What are the advantages of the ScentAir smell system?

– Exclusivity
– Enhanced brand and image of the company
– Increased customer loyalty and the desire to visit again
– Competitiveness
– Increased desire to buy
– Elevated sales.

What are do we offer?

We offer ScentAir room perfuming service. The price includes:

– A professional perfuming device that covers from 5 m3 to 6,000 m3 of indoor air space!
– Scent Oil – scented oil from the palette of 150  most popular scents
– Selecting of the most effective scent, determining the installation location, installation, tuning of intensity of continuous professional maintenance during the entire rental period!

Why ALTUM RETAIL and ScentAir?

– We represent the world’s leader in scent marketing – the company ScentAir. This company has made over 50,000 successful installations in 109 countries around the world. (More than 1,500 installations were made by this manufacturer in our neighboring country Poland).
– We can offer up to 1,500 different scents.
– Wide selection of equipment for any business area.
– We are qualified experts in our fields, therefore we guarantee professional service. Please note that the correct flavor selection, installation and maintenance is an intensive process that requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Without these skills the selected smell may not attract buyers, but put them off. The perfect scent for you will not necessarily be suitable for your target audience. Installation and intensity tuning also requires professional knowledge because of air movement and other nuances.
– Ability to produce your company’s odor  with our ScentAir qualified engineers, which will help to establish emotional connections with your customers, as your special odor will flow through all of your company’s departments.

Professionally selected smell will keep the client retained for longer, resulting in more purchases, employees will feel good and satisfied. The image of your company will grow and generate more profit.