Face recognition


Face recognition

Intel AIM software provides traders and brands an opportunity to find out how customers react to visual messages and how they move through the store space.

AIM Suite provides an objective measurable analysis of the behavior of the users in real time. By using anonymous sensors, a computer algorithms system analyzes the users, recognizing gender, age group, and viewing time.


Intel AIM software is used to understand what kind of people are watching company advertising.

AIM software allows you to see how people are watching and responding to the ad, it allows companies to optimize the messages content and length to improve business results.

  Face recognition
Face recognition  

How does it work

Sensors search for a face and body within a certain distance. AIM Audience counter measures the number of clients that enter and pass through the area. Digital information is analyzed and hosted on a computer, but it is not photography, only analytic data.


Components of the System

Intel AIM Suite Audience Counter:

A software module that detects costumers in a certain distance and their behavior by using anonymous video analytics vision.

Intel AIM Analytics:

Provides reports and analysis according to collected data, attributes, and other settings. The data can be segmented to different levels with its tools.

The data is easily displayed in boxes and tables by using certain report options.

Intel AIM Manager:

Allows you to manage and monitor the different places where the AIM Suite has been implemented.

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