People counting system

People counting system

Shop owners want to stand out and increase brand loyalty, the challenge is to increase customer satisfaction while shopping. The solution is the visitors stream analysis. How many people are shopping every day and at what time? Which promo campaign works? Are there enough staff in the store? How many people bought the products at a certain date? Along with the the flow of visitors computing solutions shopkeepers can see the stream analyzes, gain a competitive advantage and increase profitability.


  • Analyze visitor streams trends;
  • Rate advertising and marketing activities influence;
  • Optimize staff needs;
  • Optimize working time;
  • Accurately measure what percentage of visitors became customers;
  • Use objective data to motivate employees
People counting system People counting systemPeople counting system

Our offer of visitors streams calculation solutions

We offer several options available by price and technology:

  • electronic the flow of visitors counters;
  • electronic visitor streams counters with the software;
  • video-based visitor streams counters with special software;

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