People Face Analytics

Anonymous real time people analyser!

Track physical world performance in real time.


Find out

- How many people realistically visit and see your premises particular area or a booth at trade show?

- Are people interested in your product / offer?

- What was your target audience (men / women / juniors / adults / seniors)?

- At what time did you get the most visitors?

- Were visitors at your location delighted?

Sales and Marketing Decisions based on Actual Data

Understand people traffic flow, their demographics and locate popular zones. Track customer engagement in real time.



More Ideas for Improvement in Business performance.

Segment campaigns by hour and site

Validate viewership in real time
Target by audience demographics and emotion

Optimize store traffic flow

Understand your Clients and behaviour

Face Analytics solution consists of

1. People Face Analytics Sensor or client's camera connected to PC or Brightsign player
2. Face Analytics cloud license

● Description
○ Audience measurement software for segmentation, viewability and contextual insights.

● Technology
○ Anonymous face detection running.
○ Versions available: Windows, Android, Linux, AI Sensor, Brightsign.
○ 1 month subscription
○ Price for 1 sensor
○ Online Dashboard
○ Export CSV/Excel
○ Remote updates

● Data provided
○ Impressions (amount of faces detected)
○ Views (People looking towards the display)
○ Gaze Through Rate (% of people who were engaged)
○ Age Group
○ Gender
○ Attention Time (How long they were viewing)
○ Emotion analysis
○ Peak Times



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