Queue management

Innovative queue management solutions

Did you know?

  • 82% of customers are not returning because of negative experiences
  • 24% of customers leave after seeing a large queue

ALTUM RETAIL offers an easily installed, clever, and convenient to manage queue management solution, Qminder.


  • Manage queue stream;
  • Optimize customer service process;
  • Analyze visitor flow trends;
  • Rate of advertising and marketing activities influence;
  • Optimize staffing requirements and work time;
  • Use objective data to motivate employees.
Queue management

System operation

The system operates from the Cloud. Queue displayed on screen or on TV, and visitors are accepted by pressing the browser client’s name or number.

Using Qminder, customers can engage their place in the queue:

  • by taking a number;
  • by entering their name;
  • by using a smartphone;

Queue management system consists of:

  • Software is based on “Cloud computing”
  • Tablet PC/printer
  • Professional screen
SmartTVQueue management

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