Mirror – TV


Mirror – TV

Mirror – TV is an innovative solution that is taking its first steps in the Baltic market. Customers will disseminate positive information about your business when they see this innovation. This will increase the popularity of your company. Also, customers will remember the displayed information, because this approach immediately attracts the customer’s attention.

Mirror – TVs can be used in shops, hotels, restaurants, clinics, or home interior design.

Mirror – TV benefits:

  • Your ad will be seen more often, and customers will remember it better
  • Pleasant visiting experience
  • Reduce the cost of traditional advertising: newspapers, magazines, television, radio
  • Effective sales tool: Mirror – TV screens display advertisements about your products or services to inform and inspire customers to buy.
  • You will gain an innovative and modern brand image, increasing your customer awareness


  Mirror TV

Advertisement efficiency:

  • 98% of customers notice advertising on mirrors;
  • 83% of customers, after viewing this advertising, correctly identified the entire ad content;
  • For 72% of respondents, such advertising has left a positive impression.


Content management

Advertising on Mirror – TV is run through a USB connection. Updates to  advertising content remotely for several Mirror – TVs at the same time can be done via the player.


  Mirror - TV


Mirror – TV adaptation examples

Veidrodis televizorius 4 Veidrodis televizorius 2 veidrodis televizorius Veidrodis televizorius 3