Outdoor screens


RGB/SMD outdoor screens

RGB/SMD outdoor screens – a perfect solution for those who want to display advertising or information outdoors. These screens are completely adapted to operate in outdoor conditions, as they comply with IP65/54 standards. This means that the screens are resistant to dust and any kind of weather, low or high temperatures, rain, snow, or high winds, and RGB/SMD diodes are not as sensitive to shock than conventional screens or TVs.

Whether you want to display images, video clips, or any other visual material, these screens will ensure the highest quality.


  • Reduces the costs of traditional advertising: newspapers, magazines, television, radio;
  • A greater number of potential customers will see your advertising at any time of the day;
  • Your ad will be shown and viewed more times, depending on traffic speed;
  • Your ad will interest and attract more customers with spectacular outdoor screen size, color depth, and uniqueness.
   Outdoor screens

Extremely bright view

RGB/SMD screens are characterized by tremendous sharpness – 2000-6000 nits. This is 10-30 times higher brightness than domestic TVs. This means that the picture on these screens will be clearly visible even on very sunny day.

Also, RGB/SMD screens can extract 281 trillion colors, so any color in the display is displayed very accurately.

Management of external computer

The screen is controlled by an external PC using special software. This software allows you to manage the display substance easily, use substance display schedules, and monitor and control the state of the screen:

  • Temperature – to protect the screen from overheating;
  • Carry out individual pixel and LED panel detection;
  • In case of problems, automatically receive information via SMS and Email.;
  • Remotely turn on, turn off the screen;
  • Adjust the brightness, contrast, and other features, or set automatic brightness and contrast adjustment;
  • And more.



Outdoor screen application examples

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