Professional display systems


Professional display systems – Digital Signage

Professional screen solutions (Digital Signage) is a system that provides a fast, convenient, simple, and efficient way to present advertising or information on professional screens.

This system is widely used in public and private sectors, including shopping centers, medical facilities, airports, grocery stores, pharmacies, fitness centers, educational institutions, and other places where it is relevant to disseminate information/advertising.

Professional screen benefits:

  • Increased customer attention
  • Increased sales
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Substance management in real time
  • Decreased costs for printed advertising/information
  • More noticeable message
  Professional display systems
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Professional software

Professional software is one of the key aspects that separates the professional screen  from the domestic TV screen.

Professional software automates and simplifies the entire management of the system because it allows you to:

  • Remotely manage the screen system;
  • Make timely updates to the content on the screen;
  • Set the screens to turn themselves on and off at certain times;
  • Monitor the screens’ status (whether it works, does not heat, is displaying the appropriate content, etc.);
  • Update content not only from your computer, but from a tablet or smartphone;
  • And more.

Professional screen system consists of:

  • Professional screens
  • Software (paid or free)
  • Computer, content management

That’s it! What the screens require is an Internet connection and a power outlet. They can be controlled either from the server or from any computer, tablet, or smartphone (if using cloud software).

Screen management is not complicated. It can be done by one person and not necessarily from the IT field.

  Professional display systems

Professional screen customization

Interactive screens in stores:

Interactive screens in hotels:

Interactive screen in auto dealership

Interactive screens in exhibitions: