Touchscreen kiosks


Touchscreen kiosks

Touchscreen kiosks – this is one of the most modern tools to make an impression on your client and make his visit to you more comfortable. This is another great alternative for effective dissemination of advertising both indoors and outdoors.

Why should you choose this marketing decision? The experience of International companies using this product shows that interactive stands enhance company image and encourage customers to return only to you.

 Benefits of touchscreen kiosks

  • Pleasant customer experience. Interactive stands provide detailed information about the company’s services or products.
  • Increase the number of potential customers.
  • Save employees time. Interactive stands can answer many customer questions, so employees can focus on direct sales.
  • Involvement. An opportunity to touch and select the substance that is relevant to the customer gives a special customer satisfaction.
  • Printed advertising/information costs decrease.
  Touchscreen kiosks
Touchscreen kiosks  

Exclusive design

Interactive boards can be manufactured according to each customer’s needs, brand style, and room design.

The stands can be vertical, horizontal, or tilt angle. The stand can have more than one screen and you can change the color and material (metal, wood, plastic, etc). This provides a very high degree of flexibility allowing for interactive stands adapted to each individual.

Convenient management

The stand can be controlled via the Internet, LAN/USB interface or WiFi connection. So even if the stands are in different cities, or even countries, you can update them quickly and easily.

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Interactive stands customization

Interactive stands in malls
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Interactive stands in museums and galleries
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Interactive exhibitions stands