Video Wall


Video Wall 

Video Wall system will help you to attract even the most fastidious visitor/customer’s attention. Since the Video Wall is not seen every day, information/advertising on these screens is sure to catch the eye. This system will have people talking about your business and your modern, innovative solution.


Video Wall benefits:

  • Interesting information presentation. Using digital and interactive content will help you to attract even the most rushed customer’s attention.
  • An effective sales tool. On Video Wall screens, you can effectively present your products or services, present your desired message, and influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.
  • Save time. Video Wall system can answer many customer questions, so staff can focus on direct sales.
  • Printed advertising/information costs decrease.


   Video siena

iki 100 ekranų video sienos


Up to 100 screens in a video wall!

Using professional Samsung screens, we can create enormous video walls. In a single system, there can be up to 100 screens (that is 14 meters diagonal), more than enough to stand out in the market and create an unforgettable experience for your customer.

Professional software

Professional video wall solution will allow you to remotely update the displayed content. There is also the possibility to set schedules (when what content is to be displayed), split video wall to separate zones and display several different images at the same time, and adjust screens brightness, contrast, volume, and other functions by clicking a just few buttons.


daugiafunkciniai Video wall

Ultra-thin-edge Video siena


Ultra-thin screen edge

Screens for video wall solution have very thin edges (5.5 mm – 11 mm). This will give the impression of high-quality picture, and quality is very important for any brand. Using highly advanced Samsung screens you will get the customers attention.

Non-standard video wall will add your business exclusivity!

If you are seeking very high exclusivity, informal video wall is for you! Using this solution, the screens can be arranged as you like – vertical, horizontal or angled, or use different sizes to create a pattern on the screen. Globally, the implementation of this innovative solution is limited only by the imagination!

  Neformali video siena

Success stories

Our clients impressively use Digital Signage screens in a variety of forms to present their products and services.