Electronic Shelf Label system

Electronic Shelf Label system  

Electronic Shelf Label system

Electronic price tags systems (EPTS) are becoming very popular in supermarkets and retail stores because they can replace paper price tags. Prices and additional information are added and updated from the POS system. The tags are controlled either from a central point in each shop or individually.

This decision will optimize your trading business procedures in order to avoid practical problems and stand out from your competitors.

Business benefits:

  • A wide choice of electronic tags;
  • Guaranteed price accuracy;
  • Instant price promos to increase sales;
  • Increased employee efficiency;
  • Saves staff time;
  • Saves customers time;
  • Quick prices optimization;
  • Excellent price visibility;
  • Easy prices upgrade system;
  • The system is protected against theft;
  • Low power consumption;
  Electronic Shelf Label system
ESL scheme  

Electronic price tags solution consists of:

  • Electronic price tags
  • Mounting systems
  • Software and interface with your database integration
  • Signal transmitters
  • Computer-server
  • Training and technical assistance

Quick and easy to update the prices

Thousands of your grocery store or retail chain tags are instantly updated by remote control 2G4 radio wave transmission technology. This solution does not require intervention by staff, it saves time, and it is a quick and innovative way to give the customer the latest information about prices and discounts, thus optimizing your profit and increasing competitiveness.



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