In store radio

In store radio  

In store radio

Create a centrally managed store radio. You will be able to control your music players and the music or ads playing on them very easily. Development and management the network will be very easy with our suggested solution.


  • You will save because you only need a minimum of effort and resources to manage the DENSION ISR network;
  • You will save time because the use of the Sherpa service is very quick and easy;
  • You will save human resources because one person can manage devices and content; The system has alarms and detailed records of problems.
  • You will know what players played because Sherpa records and exports played content, including Web streams, tracks, and equipment locations;
  In store radio
radio system  

Your own shop radio system consists of:

  • Speaker: mounted on the ceiling or walls;
  • Amplifier
  • Special online music player;
  • The online management system, DENSION Sherpa;
  • Audio cables.

How the system works

Playlists are controlled via CLOUD centrally to all stores over the web browser. Our devices are configured and sent to the store. You just connect to the Internet and amplifier and that is all – your radio is already playing.

Using Sherpa management system you can:

  • see your full network of music devices;
  • register and play content;
  • update Firmware settings;
  • control devices with a single click from anywhere;
  • upload content and determine playing time;
  • set different settings for installations at certain times and follow them.



  Dension sherpa