Fog protection


Fog protection

ALTUM RETAIL PROTECT is the official distributor in Lithuania and presents the latest security system – fog protection PROTECT.

Fog protection PROTECT – what is it?

The aim of Home and Office protection is to stop the thief and protect your valuables and business.  Innovative fog protection PROTECT prevents the intruder from stealing your property by hiding everything under a thick fog, instantly. What a burglar cannot see, he cannot steal!

Business benefits:

  • Burglar gets surprised and loses orientation in the building
  • Fog has a direct impact on the behavior of burglar – it causes fear and stress.
  • Longest battery backup time if a burglar decides to leave the building without electricity.
  Fog protection
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We offer:

  • A high-quality product, designed and manufactured in Denmark. Over the past 10 years, PROTECT has won several awards and has grown to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fog generators
  • The only fog generator on the market that can produce a dry, completely biodegradable mist in one minute
  • Accessories to fog protection.

Fog protection PROTECT opertaing principle

When the fog is dispersed, the intruder is “blinded”, losing their sense of direction, getting lost within the room. They instinctively try to escape, as evidenced by video recordings of crime locations. In addition, they often fail to get inside. If the intruder grabbed something, it will no longer catch anything. Fog protection is unique in that it can be integrated or connected to any existing security system. When the existing alarm system is tripped, the fog saver system is activated within 0.1 seconds. Depending on its size, the entire room will be filled with a thick fog within 5-15 seconds.

  Fog protection protect

Our clients

The following international companies have chosen to use our product: Nike, Sony, Metro, IKEA, Q8, 7-Eleven, Chanel, Tesco, Jysk, Dansk Supermarked, and many others.