Video surveillance systems


Video surveillance systems

ALTUM RETAIL video surveillance system ensures the safety of your property. Our solutions satisfy all your security needs. We represent the best known and most reliable video surveillance system manufacturers: Mobotix, Hikvision, Samsung, Sony, Bosch, and Axis Communications. In cooperation with well-known and reliable international partners, we offer only high-quality and time-tested systems and equipment to our customers.

Benefits for business:

  • Your property will be protected from theft and unexpected incidents
  • Ability to monitor the view and operate the system centrally from anywhere in the world
  • Possibility to watch video from multiple devices: PC, tablet, mobile phone
  • Ability to use video surveillance material for various analyses
  • Increase the safety of your employees, and at the same time, improve your customer service
  IP camera
Video surveillance systems  

We offer:

  • IP cameras
  • video data storage devices
  • secret surveillance cameras
  • network equipment

IP cameras

We offer IP video cameras with very high resolution – even zoomed  images remain vivid to the smallest detail.

  IP cameras
 video data storage device  

Video data storage devices

Professional video data storage devices will reliably collect and store data from video cameras. Information stored for up to several weeks.

Secret cameras

We offer secret cameras that are so small that they can be installed even in hard-to-reach places. You’ll be able to watch video unhindered, and the observed will not even realize that they are being monitored. Ideal for video surveillance in stores, architectural buildings, hotels, offices, banks, ATMs, or even at home.

  secret camera

Success stories

Our video surveillance systems are used by various shops throughout Lithuania.

Sinsay shop in Šiauliai Sinsay shop in Šiauliai House shop in Šiauliai