Interactive table for children at the regional museum of Rokiškis


Altum Retail specialists assembled and prepared interactive table content for children by a special order from the Regional Museum of Rokiškis. The museum’s management aimed to educate and encourage children to take a greater interest in Rokiškis Manor and the history of counts that ruled it, as well as culture in a non-traditional way. The museum is actively applying advanced technologies like virtual tour of the mansion, or a virtual exhibition on their website in order to engage and attract more visitors, thus an interactive table with specifically for children prepared content was a great choice.

Thus, in collaboration with the museum, we have developed various quizzes, games and puzzles, which would involve and encourage children to take interest in the history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the rise of Rokiškis city.

You can see this interactive table with interactive content at the Rokiškis Regional Museum, which is located in Northern Lithuania and annually attracts about 40 thousand visitors. The mansion was recently renovated and it impresses visitors with very realistically recreated culture and everyday life of mansion of the first half of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.