Interactive stand for music and events organisation in Lithuania


“GM Gyvai (Good Music Live)” is a non-profit organization which aims to promote multi-cultural convergence and unification by organizing concerts of various world performers in Lithuania. The aim of this project was to attract and engage as many concerts’ visitors as possible and to promote alternative music in Lithuania.

Altum Retail specialists have designed a customized interactive stand specifically for this project, which contains a website of GM Gyvai organization, a list of all current events, integrated World Music playlist and website, where the prices of all events are shown.


Wanted something different, which would catch the eye of passers-by

GM GyvaiBearing in mind that modern people are particularly difficult to interest and to attract their attention on some new product or in this case a different musical style, head of the “GM Gyvai” organization sought an unconventional decision to promote the World Music genre and attract more visitors to their concerts

“Often, visitors of our concerts search for information about the artists they are interested in on YouTube, Facebook and other web channels. However, due to the large informational overload they often do not have the patience to listen or to get to know better one or another musical style. So we were looking for innovative solutions to directly affect the potential visitors of our concerts, giving them a unique opportunity to listen to various artists here and now:  at their frequented cafeterias or just at the workplace. Therefore, after the search on Internet we have found solution, which was proposed by Altum Retail company – an interactive stand that was perfectly in line with our needs,” – said founder and leader of the organization Žilvinas Švarplys.Snapshot_1

Easy cooperation and mutual understanding

When asked about the cooperation with Altum Retail specialist, founder of “GM Gyvai” Žilvinas Švarplys said that he is satisfied with both with the cooperation and with the established mutual relationship with Altum Retail team, and would recommend this solution not only to the event related businesses, but also to those who want to promote their products or services during conferences, exhibitions or other events.