The impressive presentation of Bioderma products with informal video wall and touch screen

indiana-biodermaAltum Retail helped their partner activation agency Indiana and its clients Bioderma with technical solution – to present their products in an innovative way. Together with our partners we have installed informal video wall where the water was flowing in a synchronized way and it was shown in 4K resolution. In the middle of the wall there was a special interactive test, where visitors could check how much they know about the most important source of life on the Earth – Water. This interactive display is also visually synchronized with a video wall, thus every visitor has an impression of wavy water. And Indiana‘s agency has created a special solution – a very beautiful and interesting stand in a shape of the water drop that invited visitors to come inside. According to ALTUM RETAIL Business Development Director Artūras Kerševičius, it was a result of exceptional few months of preparations, creative process and joint work of all three companies. „Nowadays, it is very hard to interest visitors in the presentation of new products in a traditional way, thus interactive solutions are becoming very popular. Our company is the leader in this field in Baltic States, that is why we are very happy that our solutions are purchased all over the world“ – said Altum Retail Business Development Director Artūras Kerševičius.


About INDIANA – it is the activation agency – that creates engaging touch points for brands and innovative impulses for purchasing behavior.

About BIODERMA – it has been the leader in dermo-cosmetic market since 80’s – it has acquired unique expertise by placing biology at the service of dermatology. This original scientific approach relies first and foremost on knowledge of the skin and its biological mechanisms to formulate products directly inspired by them.

About ALTUM RETAIL – it is a company that offers innovative solutions for retail businesses and service sectors. Company installs security systems, digital signage, offers innovative solutions using audio and scent and sells shop equipment in all Europe.