Interactive tables

Interactive tables

Interactive tables are ideal for use in waiting and service areas. It is the perfect solution for familiarizing customers with the activity of the company.

Interactive tables can also be used as a sales tool just by integrating individual customized interactive substance.

 Benefits of interactive tables

  • Pleasant customer experience. Interactive tables provide detailed information about the company’s services and products.
  • Increase the number of potential customers. A table outside the shop you increase your ability to attract new customers.
  • Save staff time. Interactive tables can answer many customer questions, so employees can focus on direct sales.
  • Involvement. An opportunity to touch and select the substance that is relevant to the customer gives a special customer satisfaction.
  • Printed advertising/information costs decrease.
 Interactive tables
Interactive tables

Exclusive design

Interactive tables can be made according to each customer’s needs, the brand style, and room design.

The table can have more than one screen and you can change the color and material (metal, wood, plastic, etc). Multiple sizes are available – from 32 inches to 84 inches. This provides a very high degree of flexibility allowing for interactive tables adapted to each individual.

Convenient management

Interactive tables can be controlled via the Internet, LAN/USB interface or WiFi connection. So even if the tables are in different cities, or even countries, you can update them quickly and easily.

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An example of interactive tables’ solution