Intuiface is the world’s premier platform for creating, deploying, measuring and managing deeply interactive digital experiences without writing code.

Over 1500 companies across 90+ countries are connecting people to place using interactive options such as touch, RFID/NFC, beacons, Web APIs, Internet of Things, and much more.

For any industry – including retail, hospitality, real estate, tourism, education – and for any intent – from digital signs to self-service kiosks and assisted selling.



Intuiface enables any organization to create and deliver – in record time - gratifying, purposeful, data-driven digital experiences that connect people to place, powered by the latest interactive technologies. That's everything from multi-touch and sensor-driven content to Web APIs, RFID/NFC readers, and the Internet of Things, all without writing a line of code.


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Create Amazing
‍Interactive Applications
For Any Screen. In Record Time. Without Coding.

Intuiface products and solutions

  • Intuiface Composer
    Build your interactive experiences using Composer. An embedded version of Player ships with Composer so you can test your work.
  • Intuiface Player
    Use Player to run all of the interactive experiences you create in Composer.
    Both Composer and Player must have a paid license to remove the Free Plan's watermark.
  • Data Tracking Plans
    Intuiface Data Tracking makes it possible for Intuiface users to measure the usage and collect the preferences and identity of those who interact with their content. All Players in an Intuiface account share a plan.



ALTUM RETAIL experience


ALTUM RETAIL expertise in INTUIFACE products and solutions

  • Design
  • Hardware
  • Interface Asset Creation

Intuiface certified experts working in our company

Many projects implemented for Retail, Hospitality, Museums, Public and Private organizations


Our created Intuiface projects videos:

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Customer Success Stories

The impressive presentation of Bioderma products with informal video wall and touch screen
Interactive stand for music and events organisation in Lithuania
Interactive table for children at the regional museum of Rokiškis
Interactive app “Check if you can become a policeman”