Digital Menu Board APP



Digital menu boards

Digital menu is a very user-friendly and innovative solution for a café, restaurant, or bar. The system menu screens can be updated quickly and easily.

This is one of the latest and most modern ways to present your menu information in real time. Special software enables you to change the screen content in just a few minutes.


  • Displays interactive view and information about the nutritional value;
  • Promotes sales of advertised meals/drinks;
  • Quickly and effectively drwas your customers attention; easy and timely content updates;
  • Clients have fun and waiting time becomes more enjoyable;
  • Reduces printing costs;
  • Allows you to change the menu and prices quickly;
  • You can broadcast messgaes to staff, even if the restaurant is closed;
  • You can display different menus depending on the time of the day;
  • You can broadcast additional advertising.


With Digital Menu board you can easily show and update your Menu and increase Your sales.  

Digital menu board consists of

  • Professional screen;
  • Software license;
  • PC to run software;
  • Smart device or PC to update or change content.


How system works

Digital menu content can be controlled from any computer, tablet, or even a smartphone, regardless of distance. You need only an Internet connection. Depending on the setting, after updating the menu system, the new content can be viewed in less than one minute! This gives you control to manage your menu and independence from printing companies.