Vivid and eye-catching screens at the largest “Eurovaistinė” shop in Lithuania

Specialists of Altum Retail have designed and installed professional LG screens at recently opened “Eurovaistinė“ pharmacy network shop in Kaunas Akropolis. The newly opened “Eurovaistinė“ is the biggest and most modern „Eurovaistinė“ in Lithuania. It operates together with clinics, where it is even possible to perform complicated blood tests, all kinds of vaccinations, as well as dermatological procedures with single lasers. There is also a dermatology clinic Skinland and clinic Altameda. The largest “Eurovaistinė“ with clinics, which opened in Kaunas, is the first such concept in Lithuania, where a pharmacy store and several clinics are operating under the same roof and carrying out  about 200 daily and quite rare researches, and also a family doctor provides consultations on various issues.

After entering the biggest “Eurovaistinė“ shop, customer’s attention will also be attracted by stylish, high-definition LG screens. The façade of “Eurovaistinė“ is decorated with 4 screens video wall, which invites to visit the shop, and on the interior you will find 2 professional LG portrait screens, as well as eye-catching 3 screens video wall above the service area. For customer’s convenience, the entire streamed content is controlled remotely via LG application, directly from the cloud. Bright screens broadcast various ongoing store’s promotions and special offers.

About “Eurovaistinė“ pharmacy stores network – it’s the biggest network of pharmacy stores in Lithuania, combining more than 256 shops. EUROVAISTINĖ is also the very first network of pharmacy stores in Lithuania.

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