Professional Screens, Interactive Screens and Video Walls in the largest MAXIMA XXXX store in Lithuania

ALTUM RETAIL specialists have designed, installed and services digital display solution for the latest and largest MAXIMA XXXX store in Akropolis, Vilnius, Lithuania.  We designed and manufactured construction to hang screens on, special stands for video wall screens have been made and installed on special islands. There are also interactive solutions: screen where children can draw and interactive screen that turn visitors into virtual animals.



MAXIMA is the Lithuanian retail market leader. It is the largest Lithuanian capital company and the biggest employer in the Baltic States.

The history of the largest retail trade network in the Baltic States began in 1992, when several stores were opened in Vilnius under different trademarks. Today, we can boldly say that the history of building up the retail chain MAXIMA is a success story, as no other company has gained such financial success, awareness in the society, and appreciation by the buyers from the time of declaration of independence in the Baltic States.

Over 550,000 buyers visit different formats of MAXIMA stores in Lithuania every day. As on the 1st of January 2017, there were 237 stores operating in Lithuania.