Electronic labels in the first retail Pigu.lt store

ALTUM RETAIL specialists have introduced an innovative solution – electronic price labels – in the first retail Pigu.lt store in Vilnius. This solution is particularly relevant to the retail sector as it helps to avoid mistakes due to inconsistencies in commodity prices when regular price labels are printed and glued manually or mechanically. It also saves the time of sales staff and is an irreplaceable solution when there is a need to urgently update prices for all or some of the product categories in the store. According to D. Liulys, General Manager of Pigu.lt, namely the prices were one of the biggest challenges when opening the first retail store in Vilnius. It is known, that prices at Pigu.lt electronic store are changed several times a day. “If we have 10 thousand items and their prices change, we need to print 10 thousand new labels and stick, change all of them.” – said D. Liulys. So, looking for an innovative and convenient solution, the management of Pigu.lt turned to the company providing this solution – Altum Retail.

According to Ernestas Kuprinskas, Managing Director and Partner of ALTUM RETAIL, electronic price labels are an indispensable solution in retail, where prices are constantly changing, and often even several times a day, as it allows to not only significantly reduce daily operating costs but also present yourself as an innovative, forward thinking company. It is also particularly relevant for retail chains, since electronic price labels are managed centrally and can be updated at all points of sale at the same time.

In the first Pigu.lt retail store, ALTUM RETAIL specialists also installed video surveillance cameras, electronic security gates and people counting systems.

About UAB Pigu – it is the e-commerce leader in Lithuania. More than 10 thousand products from perfumes and cosmetics to computer or home appliances from more than 500 trading partners can be found in the Pigu.lt electronic shop. In 2016, Pigu.lt opened its first retail store in Vilnius, where 2500 different items are exhibited. At present, the company manages up to 10,000 sq. m of total warehouses areas, where about 400 thousand of goods are stored.